Figbytes | Corporate GPS for the 21st Century

The FigBytes platform is uniquely capable of dealing with modern integrated sustainability and CSR.  Figbytes provides unmatched power and flexibility, with all modules having the functionality to stand-alone or be part of an integrated suite.

FigBytes sustainability and CSR data modules are more powerful than anything else in the market.  Our visualizations for engagement, performance and integrated reporting have been described as looking like they come from a different century compared to traditional EHS systems.

FigBytes can track your sustainability/CSR programs from high-level goals down to daily data, making sense of every step of the journey to every stakeholder.

Implementations typically replace multiple disconnected layers of PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs and clunky EHS compliance data systems.  Our platform uniquely allows for embedding sustainability and CSR directly into all key aspects of the organization - Strategy, Brand, Performance and Reporting.

Every solution is available as a stand-alone module or as part of an integrated platform, tailor-made for your particular needs.

Start with a top-down strategy implementation and build down to data, or solve a key carbon data challenge first and then build up towards the strategy.

Data modules such as carbon and water can integrate your with strategy and brand modules to transform performance and engagement. Map your strategy and upload your data or solve a "data nightmare". Then allow the strategy module to track your long term goals.