Real Estate

Our Real estate division is a commercial real estate investment and management company. The company uses its skills, knowledge, and abilities in the areas of strategic planning, cost control, asset management, and negotiation to produce high quality projects and superior returns to shareholders. The company’s objective to invest in real estate, hard-core commercial corners, retail shopping centers, and commercial mixed-use properties.

Primary real estate operations include property acquisitions and dispositions, leasing, asset management and resale. Through its network of experts The Pollack Group will identify distressed assets with compelling value-added opportunities; unique assets with strong upside potential; and properties in good locations with existing cash flow. The Pollack Group will acquire each property-investment opportunity by purchasing property outright through a specific LLC or Corporation. The Pollack Group will be the managing member of each investment LLC, or Corporation, operating and managing all investment. Owned properties will be managed internally to maximize income until a profitable exit strategy can be implemented. An information package detailing each investment will be provided to prospective investors along with an invitation to participate through membership in the individual LLC or shares that will own the property.

The Pollack Group anticipates offering numerous investment opportunities to interested investors. The Pollack Group’s will build a network of accredited investors through its virtual platform that matches our real estate opportunities with interested parties. Historically, real estate has built more wealth in the U.S. than any other asset class, and today it is considered a necessary part of a well-diversified investment portfolio. Over time, private real estate investment properties have provided diversification advantages due to lower levels of correlation with stocks, bonds, and publicly traded REITs and have typically provided a solid hedge against inflation.