Your Partner in the United States

In Latin America we operate strategically through joint ventures or case-by-case basis with small, medium, or large companies seeking international markets. Our support includes in various areas from compliance to distribution. Additionally, we also work close with agricultural companies and farmers offering training, workshops, technical support, advanced technology, as well as FDA, USDA, APHIS, and FSMA compliance and permits, prevention, collaboration and partnership. American Agent with domicile in the United States the channel of communication and support with fast response and capacity to act on behalf of the exporter’s best interest and benefit. We also ensure inspections, compliance and response.

Our International mass-market introduction and breakthrough strategies are innovative, produce buyer’s response and distinguishes brand. Applied in successful companies, which are identified through the high development in human resources. In coordination with the allied company we strengthen values, know how and together we develop a plan and commercial strategy agreement that allows increase in production, mass-market introduction and breakthrough in international markets. Result driven and increased profits.


Visibility and exponential sales in corporate clients Identified.
Generate consecutive sales in distribution channels.
Develop sustainable consumption.
Prevention, collaboration and partnership.
Inspections, compliance and response.
Security of imports.